Ballancer® 606

is the most advanced aesthetic compression therapy system on the market offering user-friendly design, unique features and innovative treatment modes.

Ballancer® 606 consists of a programmable sequential therapy device and inflatable compression garments for use by the professional aesthetician. The system performs a massage from the distal to the proximal sections of a limb, relieving the limb of excess lymphatic and venous fluids. Pressurized air is distributed through a sequence of tubes connected to a sleeve-like compression garment that is wrapped around the client's limb and fastened with zippers. Gentle air pressure is created by inflating up to 24 overlapping cells located in each compression garment. The cells inflate in sequence, applying a smooth peristaltic unidirectional massage action that assists trapped fluid to move.


Ballancer® 606  unique features:


Touchscreen for easy use


Treatment modes: unique Pretreatment, Ballancer®,  Wave and the Slim cycle


Preset treatment programs for easy selection


Waves and manages client lists and their individual treatments


The Unique Pretreatment cycle, is a primer for the main treatment. It decongests the trunk first, to maximize the results of the treatment session that follows the Ballancer®,  Wave or the Slim modes. As the sequence progresses, it begins the compression moving lower and lower down the limb.



Once the Pretreatment cycle is over, Ballancer® applies one of the selected cycles:


◦  Wave cycle —  long, deep, and slow peristaltic massage


◦  Ballancer®—   rapid, superficial and fast peristaltic caresses


◦  Slim cycle—  more intensive massage


Ballancer® 606 Specifications

  Ballancer® 606:  Model 1202-ED

  Pretreatment, Ballancer®, Wave , Slim

  20-80 mmHg

7 Kg

  17x38x31 cm

  230V 50/60 Hz



About the Ballancer@ Lympha Pants


(Note to our viewers: The device shown used with the pants in this video is an older system, not the the new Ballancer® 606)


The patent protected Ballancer® Pants are designed for complete lower body treatment with maximum client comfort.

-- 24 overlapping compression chambers for fluent, comfortable massage

-- Ballancer® Pants can accommodate most sizes due a special design

-- Our patented “custom boot” feature forms a boot to fit each patient’s leg length

-- Easy to use – like wearing a pair of pants!

About the Ballancer® Lympha Jacket


(Note to our viewers: The device shown used with the jacket in this video is an older system, not the the new Ballancer® 606)


Designed for maximum client comfort, the Ballancer® Jacket treats entire upper body.

-- 24 overlapping chambers for smooth and effective treatment

-- Easy to put on and take off, just like a regular jacket

-- Can accommodate most sizes by use of zippered extensions (standard)

-- Sturdy and durable fabrics that are easy to maintain and keep clean

-- Sit, stand, or lie down. Be comfortable!


Ballancer® is manufactured in Israel by Mego Afek AC LTD and is distributed in Germany by Art-of-Beauty eK, Langenaltheim, Germany .

Complete Beauty & Epi- Solutions is your authorized dealer in Stuttgart

For all enquiries regarding sales of the Ballancer® 606 Lymphatic Compression Therapy System, to include pricing, please use the contact form

- Yours, Brygida Pikos